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March 2021 Face Mask Promotion

Some of our other products

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Preformed Ligature Wires-Short

Product code: PLT01-01

Quantity: Box of 100

Specification: Preformed Ligature Wires-Short 0.012 thickness


Ligature tie (Unicycles) Purple

Product code: 51-201-35

Quantity: 1040 pcs per bag

Specification: 0.12" Latex free



Product code: LUX5S

Quantity: each

Specification: Luxator 5mm straight


Mixing Tips with Endo Tip

Product code: DMT1011

Quantity: 50 per bag

Specification: Brown/White with Endo tip for endo


Absorbent Paper Points .06 taper

Product code: Click on photo then options to select size

Quantity: Box 100pcs

Specification: .06 taper #15-#40 individual & #15-#40 combined


Stainless Steel High Volume Evacuator Tube # 3

Product code: DYA4010

Quantity: each

Specification: Stainless Steel High Volume Evacuator Tube #3 length 160mm, tip 11mm , angle 160deg- Autoclavable



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