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Price Reduction on Level 2 Face masks

Some of our other products

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Extraction Forceps #18L

Product code: 786-105

Quantity: each

Specification: Upper Molar left


Perry Pliers

Product code: 786-368

Quantity: each

Specification: Serrated tips


Barrier Film - Blue

Product code: DBF1461B

Quantity: 1 roll

Specification: 10cm x 15cm(4"x6") x 1200pcs (with 5mm nonstick edge) BLUE


KN95 (FFP2) Face Mask GB2626-2006

Product code: KN95

Quantity: bag of 5

Specification: KN95 (FFP2) Face Mask with Inlaid adjustable nose clip. .3um Particle Filtration =95% PM 2.5 Dual Proof & Anti Smog Executive Standard GB2626-2006 CE & FDA


High Volume Suction Tips

Product code: L-HVM

Quantity: each

Specification: Evacuator tube-Length 100mm For 1/2" (11mm) vacuum adaptor. Autoclavable.


Xray Barrier Envelope Size 2

Product code: DBE0102-100

Quantity: 100 per bag

Specification: Phosphor plate Size 2 31x41mm LATEX FREE



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