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May 2019 Prophy Promotion

Some of our other products

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4L Ultra-sonic Cleaner

Product code: ZTCD-4820

Quantity: 1

Specification: ULTRASONIC CLEANER WITH 4.0 LITRE HEATED TANK. tank size 235 L x 135 W x 150 H Stainless Steel mesh wire basket Full digital control of tank temperature 0-70 degrees Timer setable from 0-59 minutes Full stainless tank and body 12 month Warranty


Alginate Impression Material - Chromatic

Product code: DAI0001

Quantity: 454 gm bag

Specification: Three phase chromatic Mixing time: 30"; Total working time: 150 sec; Time in mouth: 1'; Setting time: 2'30"; Compressive Strength: >0.6Mpa Chromatic Sequence 1. Initial Stage - The yellow material is mixed with water. 2. Pink Stage - After approximately 45 seconds the mixed material will change to pink indicating that the impression tray should be loaded and placed in the mouth. 3. Red Stage - After approximately 30 seconds at mouth temperature the material will turn red, this indicates the alginate has set and can be removed from the mouth be disinfected and is then ready for casting.It then returns to yellow.


Surgical Blades - #10

Product code: DSB0010

Quantity: 100 per box

Specification: Stainless steel.#10 Sterile CE0197


Autoclavable Plastic Sterilisation Cassette

Product code: DXX5002

Quantity: each

Specification: Holds 10 instruments. Autoclavable plastic.


Diamond Burs

Product code: SF-11

Quantity: Pack of 10

Specification: Straight Flat FG WL 8.2mm OL 22mm Max 400,000 RPM ISO 806 111 012



Product code: DAD0101

Quantity: 1 piece

Specification: Enlarges 11mm to 16mm Autoclavable resin material



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