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Some of our other products

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Rubber Dam 5 x 5" Latex,Thin,(0,14mm) BLUE,Plain

Product code: DL512B

Quantity: 52pcs per box

Specification: Rubber Dam 5 x 5" Latex,Thin,(0,14mm) BLUE,Plain. Low protein to reduce risk of allergic reaction. High tear tolerance. Sanctuary brand.


Micro Applicators Regular - Blue

Product code: DMA0003B

Quantity: 400 per box

Specification: Regular. Colour: Blue Polypropylene


Curved Tip Utility Syringe

Product code: DCS0012

Quantity: 50 per bag

Specification: Clear 12ml. Non sterile.


Diamond Bur

Product code: FO-32

Quantity: pk of 10

Specification: Flame Oval Standard FG WL 3.8 OL 19 ISO 806207018


LED Curing Light

Product code: ZTDB-686

Quantity: each

Specification: 5,10,15 & 20 second time settings. 1 year warranty


Orthodontic Metal Brackets - Individual

Product code: IMB31

Quantity: 10 pcs per bag

Specification: Standard MBT. For tooth 31 (LL1). Size.022



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