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Some of our other products

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Inter-Arch Elastics (O-Rings)

Product code: 53-003-100

Quantity: bag of 5000

Specification: Latex Dia. 1/4"" (6.35mm) 3.5 oz (100 gm)


Micro Applicators Regular - Green

Product code: DMA0003G

Quantity: 400 per box

Specification: Regular. Colour Green Polypropylene


Niti Reverse Curve Arch Wire - Rectangular

Product code: RS1925U

Quantity: Bag of 2

Specification: RS1925U Shape: Rectangular Size: 0.19 x .025 Upper only.


Xray Barrier Envelope Size 2

Product code: DBE0102

Quantity: 600 per box

Specification: Phosphor plate Size 2 31x41mm LATEX FREE


Stainless Steel Reflector/Mirror - Double Ended Occlusal

Product code: ORH1001-F4B

Quantity: each

Specification: Highly polished stainless steel. Double Ended Occlusal.67mm wide x 133mm long.


Stainless Steel Arch Wire - Round Natural

Product code: Click on photo for sizing options

Quantity: Bag of 10

Specification: Shape:Round Natural Size: .018 Upper & Lower



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