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Some of our other products

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Diamond Burs

Product code: TR-13

Quantity: Pack of 10

Specification: Tapered Round WL 10mm OL 21mm Max 300,000 RPM ISO 806 199 018


Bondable Buccal Tubes

Product code: BBT47

Quantity: 10 pcs per bag

Specification: Single tube MBT .022 Mandibular non-convertible LR 2nd molar - 47


Heidbrink Elevator #2

Product code: 786-145

Quantity: each

Specification: #2 Left


Endo Dispenser 16 holes

Product code: DXX2002

Quantity: each

Specification: Endo Dispenser 16 holes Autoclavable


Ligature tie (Unicycles) Aqua

Product code: 51-201-17

Quantity: 1040 pcs per bag

Specification: 0.12" Latex free


Crimpable Stops 0.022

Product code: ACS201

Quantity: bag of 10

Specification: Crimpable Stops 0.022



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