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Price Reduction on Level 2 Face masks

Some of our other products

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Stainless Steel Arch Wire - Round Natural

Product code: Click on photo for sizing options

Quantity: Bag of 10

Specification: Shape:Round Natural Size: .018 Upper & Lower


Matrix Bands

Product code: DMB0024

Quantity: 20 per bag

Specification: Wide #2 Thickness 0.05mm



Product code: 786-269

Quantity: each

Specification: Jacquette U15 - 33


Mixing Tips Pink

Product code: DMT1002

Quantity: 50 per bag

Specification: Pink 6.5mm (1:1) for regular body impression material


Disposable Implant Impression Trays

Product code: DIT1200

Quantity: 6 pcs per bag

Specification: 1 each UPPER & LOWER in LARGE MEDIUM & SMALL Latex free


Xray Barrier Envelope Size 2

Product code: DBE0102-100

Quantity: 100 per bag

Specification: Phosphor plate Size 2 31x41mm LATEX FREE



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